Svn checksum mismatch while updating expected

Instead, send your report to the mailing list [email protected], which allows anyone to send messages, but restricts who can read them.

Someone on that list will contact you to follow up on your report.

The phrases /supported/, /not supported/, /tested/, and /not tested/ occur several places throughout this guide.

In the interest of clarity, here is a brief explanation of what is generally meant by these phrases, in the context of HBase.

Run If this is your first foray into the wonderful world of Distributed Computing, then you are in for some interesting times.

First off, distributed systems are hard; making a distributed system hum requires a disparate skillset that spans systems (hardware and software) and networking.

Your cluster’s operation can hiccup because of any of a myriad set of reasons from bugs in HBase itself through misconfigurations — misconfiguration of HBase but also operating system misconfigurations — through to hardware problems whether it be a bug in your network card drivers or an underprovisioned RAM bus (to mention two recent examples of hardware issues that manifested as "HBase is slow").

You will also need to do a recalibration if up to this your computing has been bound to a single box.

Here is one good starting point: Fallacies of Distributed Computing.

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To protect existing HBase installations from new vulnerabilities, please do not use JIRA to report security-related bugs.

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