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Enlarge photo and notice the approximate sizing for all...width about 16", length about 29" and the choice of rounded or pointed collars shown.For the body, you create your own pattern in an elongated curved shape as shown.You want it long enough to go down onto the abdomen, wide enough to cover someone's front size, with a neck opening large enough to be comfortable, but not gaping.

So, many meals are prepared and served to her as she sits in her favorite chair in the living room. Time to protect and defend the elderly with a 'senior' bib!

And as someone who is ready for a working model for myself, I know this will not only be appreciated for its feminine look....

unlike a typical adult bib, or the use of a kitchen towel upon one's front....for its practicality.

It's simply made of a few pieces of fabric, a simple pattern and a little trim.

And it can be opened and closed with a simple velcro closure in the back. One side of the pattern is a ladie's version with a round collar, and the other side, a typical pointed-end gentleman's collar.

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