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Tupperware parties may conjure up quaint images of 1950s suburban domesticity, hosted by housewives across the world, but they are widely considered to be an early form of a latter-day phenomenon: social networking.The word-of-mouth model of direct sales and marketing developed by Tupperware relied upon trusted relationships between women.

The two initial confidence counsellors are Beverly Bond, a New York DJ and former model, who founded the mentoring organisation Black Girls Rock, and Abby Zeichner, a plus-size clothing designer and owner of the fashion line Abby Z.The images and messages to be posted on the new Facebook page (facebook.com/chainofconfidence) steer well clear of any hard sell, however.In her one-minute video filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, Miss Clarkson does not mention Tupperware products at all, and neither, in her clip, does Ms Bond.Ms Zeichner uses the phrase ‘Tupperware parties’ only in passing.This new strategy for Tupperware Brands is not borne of any need to rescue a business languishing in the doldrums.

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