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Over the past few years, I have written about security and safety for the family, especially when it comes to protecting your kids from online predators and social bullies.

My wife and I really try to practice what we preach.

But as social networks and sharing services evolve, sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest and greatest cool thing, or social threat.

For example, when our oldest daughter got on Facebook, we knew that it was too early to let her just go at it on her own. ***Update: Be sure to read my latest article on the dangers of Ask.fm!

So we allowed her to use it with some conditions specifically: We work with her regularly, making sure that she understands why she can or cannot respond to posts/messages and what photos are appropriate to upload and which are not. But this type of thing could happen without these particular specifics. *** ***Update #2: See my Social Media Guide for Parents published on 9/27/14*** Here’s what happened.

Kids simply do not know what dangers are out there and what kind of creepy people lurk on these new social hangouts. And in fact, this past weekend, my middle daughter and some of her friends encountered one of those situations that my wife and I have been fearing. In this case, there were two social networks/messaging services involved: the famous Instagram and Kik Messenger. It received a lot of press a few years ago because RIM (Blackberry) banned them from their app store.

There are a few sides to that story, some people said that RIM was worried about competition to their own BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

There are all sorts of users on Instagram and many are producing lots of amazing photos.

My middle daughter was having a great time posting pictures of our dog and things around the house. She had school friends who were also doing it and they were sharing photos back and forth.

Also, they started getting some new followers as part of some small contests or similar interests. But as I recently outlined in an article about safely gaming online, sometimes things are not as innocent as they seem.

As I mentioned, that butterfly and rainbow unicorn could be a sexual deviant or pervert. If you look at some of the comments on some pictures in Instagram, you will see some that say “Kik me at” or “my Kik name is”.

So, what is going on here is that these people are using Kik Messenger to have online chats.

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