Updating bathroom cabinets

Wire shelving and pull-out storage baskets can be installed to help you get organized.

To make the job easier, go ahead and install the faucet and sink before lowering the countertop into place.

Turn off the cold and hot water supply before you install a new faucet.

The story our talkative sink would also tell includes a slight touch of colour blindness. The previous owner was my Dad, who's a renovation Superman, but I'm afraid his kryptonite would be "colour choosing". ) I am not interested in the work that goes along with perfect folding or dusting or hiding things in out of the way places because they don't fit with our decor. It's narrow, which is perfect for our tiny space; it gives room to move around in there.

I always admire open shelving and decorative baskets, but man(!

We found ours from Home Hardware after it finally went on sale. (We had originally planned to donate the sink to the Re Store. Ideally, I would have had time to paint it there too, but the other half of the team was ready to put the sink in place.

Just in case someone was making the set for a movie scene in a crack house, and needed the perfect sink for that look.) skip this step.

A fresh coat of paint is a good start and it’s easier to apply once the doors, shelves and countertop are removed.

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Filling the holes with wood putty, and then sanding gives you a smooth surface to paint.

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