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Now click Calendar from left side bar of Outlook main window.To check the added holidays move to month having holidays.You will see holidays of specified countries in calendar.Adding national/religious holidays manually for a whole year in Outlook calendar is tiresome job, as you need to change each date’s events and mark it as holiday.By using Calendar options, you can promptly import all holidays into Outlook Calendar.It contains a huge list of countries, each with different holidays which can be imported instantly.If you are using a version Microsoft Outlook older than Outlook 2007, the holidays available for your Calendar folder will expire at the end of 2008.However, Microsoft offers updates for previous versions of Outlook to supply holidays for tupcoming years.

For Outlook 2003, the update supplies holidays for the years 2007 through 2012.

For Outlook 2003 users, you can download the update for your calendar here: Family Id=32C24709-50B5-4698-B5CB-BE7D6765FE3A&displaylang=en For Outlook 2002 users, you can download the update for your calendar here: Family Id=EA8DF27B-3130-47AA-AB09-E99F4BE721A5&displaylang=en For Outlook 2000/98/97 users, use the update listed for Outlook 2002 users.

We ended up have to add the holidays manually to the OUTLOOK.

HOL file, and send it to all impacted users in order for them to add Indonesia holidays by using the Add Holidays button.

Luckily we only have few users based in Indonesia office.

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Rather than manually adding national holidays, you can use Calendar options to import them into your Outlook Calendar.

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