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Max LVL: 137, EXP: x5, Rate: x5, Gold: x5, Pets e armaduras pad A Wraths-Online server, we don't take . A Medium Composing Rate, High PK demand and also active quest and events. The PM's and GM's are helping you very good. Friendly helpful staff are always here to help you should you need it. Lastest DB Every Thing Is New Pets/Mounts/Skills/Quests Great Staff No lagg at all hosting On A vps 24/7 Online And So MANY Other Great Things Join The Best Now!

Dark Night EO is one of the best Private server there is. This server is free to play, there are no limits to composing or anything else, the highest level you can become is 255. This is an perfect eudemons online private server, high droprates, good help, free account. Come and join for free A upcoming MPOG/MMORPG A unique private server. My staff is here to help with issues and we are updating to new pets and classes.3k to 5k ep drops. So if you want to be on the top you better hur Mortalqueen eo aka unique gamerz Is Finally Here!

| Token/Fame system | Weapon decomposition and forging | Bracelet + Aura production | Attunements | EXP cards system | Party EXP | Reroll your stats | Equal Pv P System | 76 perm content | Always updating! Fiesta is a game with a heavy emphasis on levelling and Pv P, with balanced skills/scrolls/potions for each class.

148 Cap | Professional Staff | All Items in NPC 1 Cooper | Party Exp | New Production System | Instant Jobchange at lvl 1 | Only Pserver With Balance Trickster | Auto Buff NPC | Tons of New Skins & Items | No Cash Shop | JOIN US |Origins will bring one of the most up to date servers.

All functions provided by the Official Server, will be working and fully balance.

) * We operate site march 2009 * Everything totally unique (daily and weekly races, Advanced Beast Invasion, Star bursters, Own PK Tournament Version) * over 100 of unique suits * over 120 unique mounts and pets! Max LVL: 137, EXP: x5, Rate: x5, Gold: x5, Deafult Pets, Default weapons, Mage, Warrior and Paladin. New pets/gears coming soon updated often, pking, leveling an enjoyment of ongoing fun. Extended Exp Rate, Ep(auto and big epcards drop), Big Community, PMs always ready to help, Custom Maps, Custom Demons(many new pets!

Dra Go N Warrior Online New Server Max Level 150 max wepon 140 6 class necromncer shadow night vampire warrior mage pladin New System Reborn New System Attck in weapon and casul New System Casul change New System Change Weapon Carria/Frozen/Rotte Forsaken Online are brand new server.

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