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I find that "good cause" is a phrase quite often used in these circumstances - and I'm never quite sure what it means. There's a good summary with references to many cases on the CPAG Welfare Benefits Handbook - pages 966 - 967 in the current edition.With backdating I always fit my clients squarely within either the one month/three months rules and state which regulation I wish to rely upon and quote the regulation in full in every letter. Your housing benefit can be backdated for up to three months if you are of pension credit age. You don't have to give reasons for not claiming earlier.Your claim for housing benefit won't be backdated for the full three months if you were not of pension credit age or paying rent on your current home for all that time.Use the pension credit calculator to check when you reach pension credit age.If you or your partner have reached pension credit age but are getting income support, income-based JSA or income-related ESA the rules about backdating your housing benefit are the same as for a working age claimant.Your housing benefit can be backdated for up to one month if you are of working age.

The backdated period is from 30 June 08 to 2 September 08. Would any of you be kind enough to point me towards material that I can read surrounding 'Good Cause'. There are two sets of circumstances of which one allows for 1 month only and one up to three months.The lists are definitive - if your reason for a late claim does not fall into either of them there is no possibility of backdating at all.The fact that the labour market conditions (ie he was throughout available for and actively seeking work) means that he will be given unemployment credits for the period, so his national insurance record will be complete.It is misleading to use the expression "good casue", as this concept has not existed in this particular context in the Soical Security benefits for a very long time, but it still happens.I expect you can find the regulations on this website.

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The only get-out might be where there was a valid claim or attempt to calim earlier than the date from which the claim has been accepted.

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