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Column 9 (August/September 1997): Pointers and callbacks. Column 10 (October/November 1997): Creating bitmaps from arbitrary pixel data. (June/July/August 1998) The Windows Common Controls. Column 11 (December/January 1998): Screen capture the Visual Basic way.

Unfortunately this excellent magazine stopped as of May 2000, so Column 24 was my last. Maximizing and evaluating computational performance Using command line arguments Use environment variables Prevent multiple program instances from running Avoid the End statement Creating formless Visual Basic applications Improving the Shell function Unlocking a program Determine if the Visual Basic IDE is running Using a resource file in a Visual Basic project Control the CD-ROM door Get data from Excel Understanding VB's advanced compiler options Don't forget the Class Builder utility Take advantage of conditional compilation Cautions when using the Setup and Deployment Wizard on Windows XP Tools for working with XML Save time with the API Text Viewer Keeping track of program usage Getting the current User Name Working with project groups Creating and using global properties Creating and using DLLs Understanding By Val and By Ref Avoid bugs with Option Explicit Customize your code editor Make use of Visual Basic's constants Using objects as properties Using the Friend keyword Making use of polymorphism Use the Collection object Simplify programming with enumerations Display the Windows search dialog Validate credit card numbers The Web Browser control is a powerful tool useful in many Web-related projects.

Column 1 (April/May 1996): Objects in Visual Basic.

(November/December 1999) Active X Documents part 1. (September/October 1999) Visual Basic for Applications. Column 3 (August/September 1996): Using resource files with Visual Basic Column 2 (June/July 1996): Variant speed penalties, uses for collections.

(July/August 1999) Data Sources, Data Sinks (part 2). Column 4 (October/November 1996): Taskbar tray icons.

Column 7 (April/May 1997): Active X Programming, part 1. Column 5 (December/January 1997): Using the Tree View control.

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