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Seven tips on changing a conflict ridden relationship into one where there is mutual validation.

How would you like to turn your relationship that goes from wonderful to awful millions of time a day into a loving, comfortable connection?

Like the time she accepted an invitation to a party on behalf of them as a couple, but to which he didn’t want to go.Like the time when she put the food on the table without separate forks for each course.That made him mad, because it wasn’t the way he was brought up, and it made him feel he was getting second class service.Hedy wants Peter to take care of child care duties but doesn't approve of his methods Hedy wanted her husband to do the bed time duties with the kids when she was tired, but got upset that he took too long, was too lenient with story time, and indulged their youngest child when he cried for attention.Hedy wanted Peter to take the kids to school in the morning and complained about his refusal to do it.

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