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I don't give a shit about most people's love lives. That said, my own romances are of endless fascination to me, especially the messy trysts I've had overseas. I had just scored an apartment in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, and I was about to spend my first Thanksgiving away from America. .” She let out a few muted laughs and scurried away. My old job had me traveling a lot, sometimes for months at a time, all over the world. Living out of hotel rooms is fun, but you crave human contact. By sheer luck, I happened to live on the same street as Texas BBQ, a restaurant run by an old shit-kickin’ expat that my memory has named Coy Mc Colt. I cornered her by the bar, wrote my phone number down, and put it into her pocket. Coy happened to be the biggest turkey importer in Vietnam, so Thanksgiving was his Christmas. Somehow we crossed the language barrier and planned a date, agreeing to meet on the steps of the opera house the next day. Twenty bucks bought you all you could eat and drink, all day and well into the night. (Note: since the French occupation, district one of the city, which is still referred to as Saigon, remains remarkably French. While I devoured heaping plates of stuffing and beans, I noticed that a cute Vietnamese waitress was making eyes at me. She looked at me, and a slow smile crept across her porcelain face. In addition to the cobble-stoned roads, there’s a three-fourths replica of the Paris Opera House, and a three-fourths replica of the Notre Dame cathedral.) I practically skipped from my house to the date rendezvous point. She looked at me like I just asked her for 4 million dollars.

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I also like to experience new things I would like to meet a physically and psychologically healthy I am cheerful woman and friendly.. Im would like looking for serious relationship to share the rest my life.

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