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High-performing devices based on the 6th generation Intel® Core™ v Pro™ and Intel® Core™ M v Pro™ processors provide the hardware-enhanced security the enterprise demands and the wireless convenience users desire.With devices based on the 6th generation Intel® Core™ v Pro™ processor family, you gain breakthrough identity protection with a new kind of multifactor authentication – Intel® Authenticate.This breakthrough solution for managed IT environments is designed to protect workforce credentials on the PC by verifying identities using a combination of up to three hardened factors at the same time and include: Something you know, such as a personal identification number (PIN), something you have, such as a PC or a mobile phone, and something you are, such as a fingerprint.Additionally, the Techaisle Whitepaper, The Ageing PC Effect – Exposing Financial Impact for Small Business; Survey of 736 small businesses in six countries finding that systems four+ years old have twice the downtime of newer ones.Mobile workstations are available with Intel® Xeon® processors.Get true workstation performance and higher reliability plus built-in security, and remote management capabilities that help reduce your downtime and limit IT disruption.An Intel Xeon processor workstation: Expect to be productive faster with fewer wires.

Users can connect, share and display with a split-screen view like never before.They can mark up shared content and even drag and drop files with ease.Back at the desk, Intel® Wireless Docking keeps the productivity going by enabling users to wirelessly connect their mobile device to their workspace peripherals – including USB, HDMI, Display Port, and more – without having to plug anything in.This streamlines users’ transition from mobility to productivity working modes, saving time and enabling a better way to work.Innovation and flexibility are the backbone of a hard working small business. With powerful 5th gen Intel® Core™ v Pro™ processor-based devices, you can help safeguard your enterprise and users can display and dock without wires.

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