"But, by giving them his credit card details, they sent him things as a mechanism to get him to part with further money." Mr Reilly added that since his arrest Kakati's family had arranged him a marriage and he was working as a 'high powered IT consultant' who 'takes home £4,000 a month'.

Priyangshu Kakati, 38, paid to watch webcam sex shows involving a girl called Lolita and downloaded 72 indecent images of children in 2012.

He was caught when officers from the child exploitation unit, investigating the abuse of underage girls in the Philippines, traced his computer IP address.

They arrested Kakati in 2014 and confiscated two laptops where the images were discovered.

Defence barrister Michael Reilly argued that Kakati was in a 'completely different place' emotionally when he downloaded the photos after the breakup of a long term relationship.

He said: "He was coming out of a relationship that had gone badly wrong. "It was a sex show that involved someone called Lolita.

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He paid for that sex show and accepts he did that willingly.

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