When did joanie and chachi start dating

I know I don't usually write Happy Days stuff, but I've recently fallen in love with the show. If you're one of my swac readers stumbling across this, I don't think you have to have seen Happy Days to understand it... Life was supposed to be fun and easy, filled with days of climbing trees, clowning around on the playground of the schoolyard, and using his 'Fonzarelli Power' to woo girls. Fonzie could teach him anything he needed to know because Fonzie was - well, Fonzie was Fonzie.

Just a note: This story includes my idea of what may have happened the first time Joanie and Chachi met, walks you through most of the episodes before they started dating, and explains what happened during the last season of the show and one scene that takes place years later as well. The True Ballad of Joanie and Chachi Chachi 'Charles' Arcola had too many problems for a kid his age. He looked up to Fonzie as the only male role model he had.

Playing basketball alone while the taller boys practiced on the other side of the court. A few girls fell for it, but most of them brushed him off like he was nothing more than an annoying fly buzzing around their head."You have to be patient, Chach," Fonzie told him whenever Chachi complained. He had been working on one of his cars when his younger cousin came into the garage."How long did it take you to become cool? When he caught Chachi's eye, he stopped right away, cleared his throat, and answered the question with honesty: "Are you kidding? Meanwhile, Chachi lived with his mom in a run-down apartment.

" Fonzie replied, wiping his greasy hands on a rag. Someone like Fonzie, who grew up not knowing either of his parents and with a harder childhood than Chachi could imagine, mastered the 'Fonzarelli Power' at an early age.

" Chachi asked one day."How long did it take me to do what?

He turned on jukeboxes by hitting them in the perfect spot. What Chachi didn't understand was how he could be related to someone like Fonzie and be such a geek himself.

He regained his confidence--Until Mary Kay Johnson turned him down. She definitely was not the prettiest girl in school; her arms and torso reminded Chachi of a wrestler the first time he saw them.But she did have beautiful brown eyes and a sweet smile.She said yes when Chachi asked her out in the third grade, then again when he tried in fourth grade, and finally, Chachi and Mary found themselves hanging out on Saturday nights whenever they couldn't find other dates.Over time, Chachi found his feelings toward Mary getting stronger with every date they went on.Twelve year old Chachi had everything planned: He was going to ask Mary Kay Johnson to the dance their school was holding on Valentine's Day.

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