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I say, “This is my past and you either accept it or don’t accept it.” Someone might make me change, but I really haven’t found that one person yet. NZ: Yeah, I’m talking to one person now, so we’ll see.

Someone commented, and then I commented back, and from then on we were talking. NZ: Not at all, Brianna is probably the one person that I’m constantly talking to now.

AE: Let’s say you’re at a bar and want to approach a girl. NZ: Buy her a drink first [Writers Note: THIS WORKS.

Scott Herman stars on MTV's reality docu-drama, "The Real World: Brooklyn." Often perceived to be a "musclehead," it is hard to believe that this muscular personal trainer used to be a 90-pound weakling.

Still, Scott Herman has more to show off than his award-winning abs.

Each episode, a “skeleton” from one of the cast member’s pasts will arrive on their doorstep to stay and force each person deal with the mistakes, issues, and bad behavior from their dark past. Ari and I have similar styles, even though she’s more committed.

Out housemate Nicole Zanatta is an outspoken EMT from Staten Island with a thick accent, wandering eye, and penchant for seducing straight girls. Like I’m not the type to even say “I’m going to be faithful.” I date girls, but obviously, my eyes wander. NZ: Yeah, I’ve had maybe three or four exclusive relationships.

The self-described “serial cheater” is training to be a firefighter, all about bro time, and makes no apologies for her player mentality. I saw a girl and thought she was really really attractive, and I went up to her and I spoke to her.

We spoke to Nicole about straight girls, skeletons, and her surprising new relationship with another (straight, obviously) MTV reality star.

I’m one of triplets, and they’re both straight and both getting married, but everyone was extremely supportive. NZ: Yes, because I think my game is on point, and I don’t think I’ve ever messed up.

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