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Actor Dustin Hoffman landed his first feature film role in 1967 and it didn’t take long for him to get noticed.

While most actors wait years for critical praise, Hoffman earned his first Oscar nomination that same year for his film The Graduate.

While he may not have been the most handsome guy, he knew how to act, and that skill is what made him stand out among other struggling actors.

As one critic wrote after the release of The Graduate, Hoffman broke “the mold of the traditional movie star,” and that even this early on, it was clear to see that he was already on his way to becoming “one of our biggest stars and most respected actors.” Over the course of his acting career, Hoffman has picked up two Oscars, three BAFTA Awards, six Golden Globes, and one Emmy, among a whack of other awards.

In 2012, he made his directorial debut with the comedy drama Quartet, based on the play of the same name.

Hoffman married Lisa Gottsegen shortly after his first marriage ended in 1980.The pair has now been married for over 30 years—one of the longest marriages in Hollywood—and is still going strong.They have four children together, as well as two grandchildren.Many people have asked the actor how he and Lisa have managed to make it work all these years and he has no problem sharing his marriage advice: “If you’re both working to be honest, the marriage gets better and better. “It’s because you know the game—meaning life—is limited. There’s not going to be enough time with you.’” Source: Grant, M., “Dustin Hoffman Has a Secret,” Reader’s Digest web site; M8A, last accessed June 12, 2013.Nixon, R., “Why THE GRADUATE is Essential,” Turner Classic Movies web site; last accessed June 12, 2013.

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