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The old joke goes that after the nuclear apocalypse, all that will remain are cockroaches and Keith Richards.In our list of 10 Times Keith Richards Almost Died, the Rolling Stone survives drug addiction, fires, poison, stage accidents, the Hells Angels, libraries and palm trees to somehow reach a ripe old age.For every one of Keef’s actual brushes with death, there are a dozen myths, but this list of the times that the Stone nearly stopped rolling includes only those incidents that have at least a kernel of truth to them.Bet you didn’t expect to see Adolf Hitler on the list of 10 Times Keith Richards Almost Died.Richards almost didn’t make it out of infancy, thanks to the 1944 Nazi bomb raids over London.

It was facing the wrong way, so he attempted to knock it with the neck of his guitar – which resulted in a near-fatal shock.In a blue flash, Richards was knocked unconscious, his guitar strings burned from the accident.Richards later called the incident his “most spectacular” moment and credited his salvation to a new pair of boots with thick rubber soles., the gripping Rolling Stones documentary, you’d be amazed that anyone made it out of Altamont alive.Upon arriving at this hastily organized free concert, Mick Jagger was punched in the head.

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