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Well, the two of them were recently in northern Lancaster County (about an hour from where I live) for the funeral of Taylor’s grandmother. And I can only imagine life, and death, are even more complicated when the celebrity factor is in the equation.What really impresses me is Stefani’s ability to support Taylor by coming to Lancaster without creating any commotion that would have disrupted the funeralization of Taylor’s grandmother.It was a real gracious gesture on Stefani’s part, and one that I think shows a significant respect and character.I know the funeral director (Chad) that held the service for Taylor’s grandmother.

although I don’t think either of us came from a Mennonite background.

Since high school, he’s been cast in a number of TV roles.

But, recently, his tabloid fame has gone in an upward trajectory since he was cast in Lady Gaga’s “You and I” music video .

And, according to various sources Taylor is dating Lady Gaga …

or rather, is dating the person behind Gaga, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. We had a couple classes together and he beat me more than once in some badminton games (I have a picture of us hanging out somewhere in my storage boxes from high school), but otherwise we hung out in different groups.

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