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Back in his days with World Championship Wrestling, The Undertaker was a big, athletic, mid-card performer trying to make his way into main-event status.

However, it did not work out, and as he arrived to the WWE in the early 90's, he was given a character that was one of the many "over-the-top cartoon characters" that Vince Mc Mahon preferred, but fans and people hated.

Many felt that the character would not be successful later on.

No one had a clue that this was the start of something special. Slaughter's evil grasp on the title, and the Ultimate Warrior sending Randy Savage into retirement, very few people paid much attention to this match.

This was one of the most memorable matches from The Undertaker's Wrestle Mania winning streak.

It was also one of the best feuds of The Undertaker's career.

Jake Roberts has long been known as a master of the microphone.

With The Undertaker not speaking that often at the time, Jake Roberts skillfully used his brilliance of ring psychology to bring the best of The Undertaker.

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