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Contributed by Dominic Gomez, Alexandria Jones and Rikki Hudson and current to Media includes print (newspapers, magazines, newsletters); digital broadcast (radio, television and subscription television); and online via the internet.The media is concerned with the dissemination of news, ideas and opinions, and is regarded as the cornerstone of a democratic society.The law as it relates to the media has developed over centuries and includes issues such as freedom of speech, freedom of information, editorial independence, defamation, plagiarism and copyright, contempt of court and Parliament, as well as developing areas such as privacy law and vilification on the basis of race or sexual preference.The internet has expanded the scope and reach of the media exponentially.For example, a Sydney-based print newspaper can now be digitised, uploaded, and viewed on a computer in Fiji and a mobile phone in Alaska.

These issues are extremely important and should be given due consideration by anyone contemplating publishing on the internet.The real or potential large size of the 'readership' of material published on the internet may make this sort of publication a more serious () act of contempt or defamation, for example (see Copyright ; Defamation ).The Local Court hears claims for damages of up to 0,000.Claims for more than that must be made to the Supreme Court.Parents and guardians are often concerned about children encountering inappropriate material on the internet.

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This section outlines the ways in which internet material is regulated in Australia, what parents and guardians can do, and where to find more information.

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